Making Memories

In 2009, Thom & Associates in conjunction with Ballet Kelowna and non-profit children and family organizations throughout the Okanagan, arranged and organized a special showing of The Nutcracker performed by Ballet Kelowna, to children from low income or challenging environments. The group’s hard work provided a free ticket to a custom performance of the Nutcracker Ballet and a special Santa stocking for every child, stuffed with donated goodies from many great local sponsors brought together by the committee, Thom & Associates and Ballet Kelowna. In 2014, with the assistance of Actor’s Studio families attended a performance of Oliver as a new direction for the organization.

Ken & Geri (right) Thom have been sponsoring a special performance of the Nutcracker since 2009.
All of the children fell in love with the Nutcracker.
Every child received a stocking filled with Christmas toys, books and candy. Some even saved them for under their Christmas trees.
Ken created this opportunity for the families of Kelowna who would never be able to take their children to such a performance without sponsorship.
Ken works with a council to put this performance together.
This council is made up of various non-profit organizations in Kelowna who deal directly with low income families.
Definitely couldn't do it without the Kelowna Ballet. Everyone was brilliant!
Ken and Geri are grateful to the council, staff and volunteers who help make it all happen each year.

Since our first event, the organizing team has received many letters of thanks from grateful families and children who were positively impacted by this performance. Many recipients from these non-profit organizations would not likely attend a professional performance like this, and as the initiating sponsor of this event, Ken and Thom & Associates are thrilled to see these families have the opportunity to experience such a beautiful expression of the arts. What better time to do that for them than at Christmas!