At Thom & Associates, we will work with you as a guide to increase your wealth by managing your finances, savings and retirement income. This is called Wealth Management and is available to all clients (individuals or businesses) whether you are just starting out or preparing for retirement.

We will optimize tax advantages while you are working and when you retire through planning for short-term liquidity and long-term returns.

From the beginning, we keep your goals and objectives in mind as we work with proven planning strategies to ensure success. We strive to achieve a plan that will produce the least taxation possible, while ensuring the liquidity when you require it.

Powerful concepts and programs that can help you get from where you are to where you want to be. A balanced plan will guide you through all phases of your life – the income creation phase, the accumulation of wealth, and its preservation.



An important part of planning for your finances is also protecting it. Whether you live too long, die too soon or become disabled, we offer products that can help you, your family, and your business. Protect the life you’ve built!



Today’s successful business owners plan in advance. Planning for financing, employee protection and retention, and succession planning are just as important as planning for sales and services to create cash flows. Let us help you plan, utilizing financial and insurance solutions to meet your needs!

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The financial plan that we create for you will:

  • Ensure preservation of capital through minimum guarantees
  • Ensure capital growth through minimum rate of return guarantees
  • Ensure sufficient liquidity for ongoing needs
  • Achieve the best possible tax effectiveness
  • Help protect against inflation
  • Provide peace of mind for you and your family
  • Meet your estate objectives
  • Ensure that your estate is preserved
  • Properly address the issues of fairness
  • Facilitate capital transfer from generation to generation
  • Ensure sufficient liquidity is available to meet your estate needs
  • Help you ensure the Government has the least involvement and impact as possible

An essential component of your financial plan includes Risk Management. Once we have analyzed your current financial picture and your objectives, we help you shore up your financial future, protect your family and replace your income, should it ever be needed. We have access to a full market and range of insurance products to meet your needs at competitive rates.

Since the greatest risks to wealth accumulation and preservation are death or disability, planning in advance for these potential realities is essential. Thom & Associates Financial Planners Inc. will:

  • Help you properly assess your insurance needs
  • Do a market search to ensure you are getting the best value for the dollars spent
  • Assist you in the implementation of the program

Finding an advisor is your first step toward financial security. To get connected with Thom and Associates Financial Planners Inc., please contact us today!

All services provided through Thom and Associates Financial Planners Inc.  Insurance is provided through multiple carriers.

Segregated Fund Disclosure: Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with segregated fund investments. Please read the fund summary information folder for segregated funds before investing. Segregated Funds may be guaranteed, their market value changes daily and past performance is not indicative of future results.